Is wedding planning stressing you out? Consider a micro wedding or an elopement!

Micro weddings and elopements in Washington are becoming more popular than ever and there are some very good reasons why. But first let’s talk about what they ARE and what they AREN’T.

Micro weddings, also known as tiny weddings, usually have a guest count of around 30 or less but sometimes as many as 50 people.  They are known for hitting that sweet spot between a “big” wedding (which can end up including a bunch of people you don’t even know!)  and an elopement.  

Table set with white table linen and chairs, orange napkins tied with string, silver cutlery and two different styles of blush glasses at each place. There is a natural table runner with florals with greenery and pops of whites, oranges and blush color flowers.

Micro weddings ARE:

– focused on the couple and their nearest and dearest 

– held at a cool location which could be a venue or someone’s back yard

– often include more “traditional” wedding elements such as a sweet ceremony, delicious food, beautiful tables to gather around, and fun festivities like a dance party.  

Micro weddings AREN’T:

– focused on lots of “shoulds” when it comes to the guest list or any other part of the event

– held in remote places like national parks or rental properties such as Airbnb’s because those usually have much more limited capacities

– lower in quality, details, design elements or overall experience (in fact, most couples find that they can be more intentional and creative in their choices, invest more in food, desserts, flowers or whatever is most important to them, because they have fewer people attending.)

Elopements ARE:

– real weddings filled with love, joy, freedom, and authenticity

– focused primarily on the couple and/or maybe a few of their favorite humans (and dogs!), usually up to about 10-15 people max

– often held in more remote locations such as national parks or AIrbnb’s where the focus is on celebrating in nature

– completely unique to each couple as some people go for adventures and experiences that are just for them and others choose to do something like have a private ceremony at sunrise, share a fun filled day, and then relax at a gorgeous dinner party with a private chef and a few of their nearest and dearest back at their Airbnb

Bride and Groom raising a glass with their wedding guests outside on the decking of their elopement venue

Elopements AREN’T:

– secret, rushed or “hush hush” like in the old days, now they are planned with great intention and celebrated by all who love you

– driven by so called wedding trends or outdated customs

I’m sure you can already see some of the benefits of choosing a micro wedding or elopement in the Pacific Northwest over a big, traditional wedding, but here are 5 more reasons why couples love them:

1- If you and your partner want to unapologetically prioritize your love story over any/all “shoulds” when it comes to your wedding.

2- If the two of you want to create a day (or dare I say an entire weekend?) that is 100% authentically YOU. This can include savoring special foods you love, making memories through activities you enjoy together, booking an epic place to stay and celebrate, elevating your entire experience because your budget isn’t being consumed by trying to figure out how to feed 200+ people, the possibilities are truly endless.

3- If you and your sweetheart want to relax and deeply connect with each other and maybe some of your favorite people. A micro wedding or elopement gives you the gift of time to be truly present and drink it all in instead of rushing around trying to greet everyone and do all the things that are expected of you.

4- If you want to actually enjoy and remember your wedding day.  Wedding day blackout is a real thing when there are too many people/things/activities/expectations so you end up just going through the motions of a very tight timeline and it’s all just a blur afterwards.

5- Last but not least, if you care deeply about the environment and want to ensure that your wedding is as kind to the planet as possible.  Lowering your guest count is one of the most powerful ways you can lessen the environmental impact of your wedding.  There is literally just LESS of everything that harms the planet like waste and carbon emissions and MORE of everything that helps humans flourish like love, peace, joy, and the freedom to be yourselves.

Close up of four people raising their glasses towards each other, you can see four hands holding filled glasses and a blurred face of an additional person in the background

Based on all of this, I’m sure it’s pretty obvious why I am such a big fan of micro weddings and elopements.  They are, in fact, the only kinds of weddings I do now and my couples couldn’t be happier. 

Fact:   I don’t know a single person who’s ever regretted having a “small” wedding but I know plenty of people who regret having a big one!

I absolutely love bringing my vintage party rentals to set beautiful wedding tables for my couples who choose to elope or celebrate with just a few people in their backyard, at an intimate venue, an Airbnb, or wherever.  You supply the location, the food, and all the love.  I’ll set the table so you can relax and enjoy your celebration. (Then I’ll come back later, clean it all up, and take it away. You won’t lift a finger! Just think of me as your celebration fairy godmother!)

If you’re interested in planning a micro wedding or elopement, be sure to download my guide “5 tips for how to create your dream elopement celebration”.  I wrote it just for you!

Cheers to micro weddings and elopements that celebrate authentic love stories!

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