Tea Parties

Clear glassware, white tablecloth, white crockery with pink florals, blush flower arrangements, blush napkins.

Do you want to host an afternoon tea party for your friend's baby shower, wedding shower, a special Mother's Day event, or something else you want to celebrate, but you don't have all the "stuff"?

You know an afternoon tea party is sure to be a hit with your guest of honor and everyone who attends, but you don’t have time to go thrifting for all the pretty teacups, not to mention an actual teapot or those tiered trays for all the fancy food?
Great news! You’ve found me and my tea party rentals that include all the beautiful things you need to host an unforgettable event!

Not only can I help you design a tea party according to the colors, style, and theme that you want, I can also deliver everything, set it all up and then come back later to take it all away. You don’t have to worry about washing all those delicate teacups, dishes, teapots, and tiny silver spoons. All you need to do is enjoy an afternoon celebrating in style. It will be easy, I promise!

Complete place settings for Tea Parties are $25.00 per person.  You can add fancy teapots, gorgeous tiered trays, cream and sugar sets, and even posies to create the perfect, elegant ambience for your table! 

Click here to book a quick call so you can tell me about your tea party ideas! I can’t wait to help you celebrate!
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