Tips for Your Perfect Autumn Cocktail Party

Cozy autumn afternoons are perfect for gathering with friends and family. So how about hosting a fall orchard themed cocktail party inspired by nature and all the golden goodness of the season?

No orchard nearby? No worries! Head to your local farmers market to pick up some luscious fall fruits like apples, pears, peaches and plums. Arrange them in a bowl or basket on your table, scatter some fall colored candles around, and Voila! You have a beautiful, natural autumn centerpiece and you can eat it later!
Fall fruits in a bucket or basket, surrounded by pretty autumn branches and candles, make an autumn centerpiece that is beautiful, simple and sustainable.
Bonus points if you can forage some branches with pretty leaves to nestle those candles in.
Now, if you’re a little “extra” like me, you can also make a bouquet for the food and drinks table. Don’t be afraid to use what I call “shabby roses” for a perfect rustic fall look. I never use floral foam but a mixture of metal frogs to hold the stems in place and re-usable water vials for flowers with short stems that I can tuck in anywhere. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to make a bouquet, I can make one for you!
For some creative fun with your drinks menu, get your hands on some simple syrups made by At their Garden to Glass farm in Wilkeson, WA they create small batches of simple syrups made with organic sugar and free from preservatives and additives. Check out their website for all kinds of delicious recipes for how to use the syrups in cocktails, mocktails and even desserts.
Based on their recipes, or your own favorites, decide on 3-4 specialty drinks to feature at your party. Then buy yourself some good supplies, including soda water and garnishes for some truly fancy and delightful drinks.
Figure out what type of glassware is best for each drink you plan to offer and then set your table or set up your bar accordingly. Rent these vintage crystal coupes and goblets for your specialty cocktails.
Don’t have vintage crystal coupes, goblets, or fancy old fashioned glasses? Don’t worry! This is where I can definitely help! Normal people don’t have dozens of different types of glasses, but I do! And I am happy to share them so that you and your guests can enjoy a special celebration in a sustainable, affordable, time-saving way. There’s nothing I love more than helping people celebrate in ways they might not otherwise be able to do!
Click here to find out how easy it is to start planning your own cozy autumn cocktail party! I promise it will be so easy you’ll want to host one for every season!

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