I am definitely your girl if you want help with a beautiful and sustainable event

I am definitely your girl if you love the romantic vintage style of mismatched china but don’t have time to thrift everything for your wedding or event.

Trust me, I have shelves and shelves full of beautiful antique china plates in all sizes for your appetizers, salad, dinner/lunch/brunch or tea party, not to mention desserts!

Tell me your favorite colors and styles and I will send you photos of possible combinations. You can easily “shop” my inventory instead of spending all your spare time running around trying to find the good stuff at thrift stores. It will be so much fun! Besides, that’s MY job! Lol
Seriously, though, thrifting takes a lot of time and you probably have a lot of other things to do. I’ve already spent years doing it and, depending on how much lead time we have before your event, I might even be able to search for specific colors or pattern styles for your table settings.

I am definitely your girl if you want to host a special event for a loved one but feel overwhelmed at the thought of organizing and setting it all up, not to mention doing all the dishes.

Hosting parties may look easy but it’s a lot of work. Lucky for you, I love doing this work! The way I see it, your job is to relax and enjoy celebrating with your guests. Not only will I design your table settings and even centerpieces for you, I will deliver, set up, and take down all the things and I always do all the dishes!

I’m definitely your girl if you enjoy cooking but not decorating tables and doing dishes.

My best friend loves to cook but she is not such a fan of decorating the table. We often collaborate to create a complete experience for our friends and family. She cooks up a delicious meal and I design and set up a table setting to go with the season or holiday or whatever fresh flowers are in my garden at the moment. This way we are both relaxed and happy, and so are our guests.
The reverse of this is also true: my friends and family are used to me inviting them to a themed party or fancy dinner with all the colors and style to go along with it, if only they will please help with the food! I can usually manage to take care of the drinks and maybe an appetizer but I’ll put tons of energy into decorating or developing a theme for a celebration and we all end up having a great time!

I’m definitely your girl if you’re looking for ways to have a more sustainable wedding or event but don’t quite know where to start or what’s possible.

First of all, simply by renting your party tableware instead of buying single use items you can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your celebration. You don’t have to buy anything and most of my inventory is vintage that I’ve collected for years so the waste is next to nothing on my end too!
My aim is always zero waste, which is tricky to achieve, but I pack all of my items in repurposed boxes, baskets, totes, and flannel, plus I use zero waste cleaning products for all of my dishes, glassware, silverware, and linens. No plastic bottles of detergent or cleaners! Even behind the scenes I’m doing everything I can to make your celebration more sustainable.

Not only is my own company focused on sustainable celebrations, in 2023, I co-founded an organization called Emerald Hour which was created to inspire and empower wedding pros to create greener weddings and events. We have a Green Swaps Guide for Couples to empower you to create a sustainable wedding as well as a membership directory of eco-conscious wedding vendors who would love to help you with your plans. Click here to book a quick chat. I’ll be happy to hear about your plans and point you towards business owners I trust.

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