How To Find Vendors For Your Sustainable Wedding (In the Seattle Area)

Are you excited about planning to get married/elope in the Seattle area but also worried about the tons of waste (literally!) that weddings can produce? Well, if you’re lucky enough to be getting married in the Seattle area then you have access to lots of eco-conscious wedding vendors who are dedicated to helping you celebrate your love in a sustainable way. The move towards greener weddings is growing and that’s a good thing for sure!

I specialize in vintage wedding decor rentals, creating perfectly mismatched table settings with thrifted dishes, glassware, and other tabletop décor. If you’re planning an elopement or an intimate wedding (for up to 50 guests) and you dream of a romantic, vintage style, sustainable celebration, I’m your girl!
I hear you asking “What are ‘perfectly mismatched’ table settings?”
Vintage china plates come in a wide variety of patterns that coordinate beautifully even when they don’t precisely match. The same goes for antique glassware and silverware. The florals, colors, and styles work together perfectly to give you and your guests table settings that shine and sparkle with romantic ambiance. Vintage wedding rentals make all of this possible for you!
Okay, enough about dreamy wedding table designs for now. Back to your sustainable wedding!
Are you ready for a sad/scary statistic?
A typical American wedding creates more carbon than the average Seattle household does over an entire year! Yikes.
According to a 2017 article in Stanford Magazine, the largest contributor was “Transportation” followed by “Lodging and Venue” and “Imported Flowers”.
This reality is one of the reasons why I try to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of my business. It’s also why I cap my events at 50 people or less. Fewer people on your guest list = fewer people flying or driving to your wedding, less energy required at venues, and fewer flowers needed for centerpieces.
There are so many ways that a smaller guest count can reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding.
Secret Bonus: Most couples find that a lower guest count also leads to an elevated experience for everyone, a deeper connection to their guests, and the opportunity for a more authentic and personalized celebration. But that’s all for another blog post!
So, how do you go about creating a greener wedding?
The best way, of course, is to work with vendors who share your values of sustainability in general and know how to incorporate those into weddings in particular. But how do you find these magical eco-conscious wedding vendors?

Well, the good news is that I co-founded an organization here in the PNW called Emerald Hour and its purpose is to inspire and empower wedding professionals to create more sustainable events. I’m a proud member (and co-founder) and I’m thrilled to be partnering with vendors of all kinds to make weddings greener.

On our website we have a directory of vendors who have demonstrated their dedication to sustainability and their commitment to doing even more. None of us claim to be perfect but we do claim to care about the earth, A LOT! We claim that the wedding industry needs to do better, can do better, and we want to be part of the solution. We’re committed to learning and growing together through workshops, tools, and resources so that we can help our couples create gorgeous, meaningful, memorable celebrations in sustainable ways. You can find our directory here to start discovering vendors to help bring your wedding vision to life.

For me, sustainability in my business goes back to the fact that most of my items come from thrift stores and antique stores. Their carbon footprint is small since they’ve been around for years, sometimes decades! I adore the florals and designs inspired by nature that are often found in these vintage plates, goblets and silverware.
When I do buy new items, I try to source them responsibly from small businesses instead of big box stores or amazon. Almost all of my wedding rentals are made from materials such as glass, wood, porcelain, or silver, and natural fibers like cotton and linen instead of plastic and polyester.

My favorite green products are from Blueland. As you can imagine, I do a lot of loads of dishes and laundry. Blueland cleaning supplies come in the form of tablets packed in small compostable pouches.There. Is. No. Plastic.
I just drop a tablet into my washing machine or dishwasher and the water in the machine does all the work. There are no microplastics from things like Tidepods or plastic bottles of detergent that will never biodegrade.

If you’re looking for vendors who care about the earth like you do, thanks to Emerald Hour they just got easier to find! And if you’re looking for someone to help you create gorgeous tables for your guests to gather around, click here to book a quick chat and see if we’re a good match to work together. I’d love to help you celebrate!

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