The Power of Parties

You're invited

These two simple words have the power to make us each feel Chosen, Honored, Connected, and Delighted. This is the goal of every event I design and I treasure the opportunity to help you extend this same kind of blessing to your family and friends. By offering vintage party supply rentals in the Seattle area, I make it easy for you to host meaningful events where you gather together and make memories around the table. Let’s talk about how to make this magic happen!

Make them feel Chosen

When you invite someone to your event you are literally telling them that they are wanted and who doesn’t love feeling included and special? You can send out handmade invitations, create something online, buy a set of unique cards that fit your theme, or simply craft a thoughtful email. The most important part is just letting people know “You’re invited!”

Make them feel Honored

At your event, make your guests feel honored by welcoming them each by name, adding personalized details such as place cards at the table, along with a small gift such as a tiny bouquet or other memento. Even a simple, heartfelt, or funny toast can be just the thing to make your guests glow with happiness.

Make them feel Connected

Creating and renewing connections is an invaluable component of a truly successful event. It is the whole reason I always say “Parties aren’t just fun, they’re super important!” Help your guests build connections by introducing them to each other, organizing an ice breaker to get people interacting, or asking creative conversation starter questions to encourage everyone to share stories and ideas.
My friend, Carol, is my mentor extraordinaire of this strategy. I’ve seen people grow closer and make new friends based on discovering things they have in common that they might never have known about if they hadn’t been asked to go around the table and share.

Make them feel Delighted

Host an event that is 100% YOU and I guarantee your guests will be filled with delight. Your party can be beautiful and romantic, funny and energetic, or whimsical and creative. Anything from an over-the-top “MammaMia!”movie party or elegant tea party, to a perfect summer backyard wedding or shower, whatever you do to celebrate will bring joy and delight to the hearts of your guests. While they eat, drink, laugh, and talk, take a moment to look around and cherish their smiles and the light shining in their eyes and know that you gave them this beautiful gift just by saying “You’re Invited!”
If you have questions about any of these party ideas, click to book a quick chat! I love collaborating with my clients to create dream come true events and I’d love to talk to you about yours!

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