5 Vendors You Need To Create A Beautiful, Sustainable Wedding

Are you passionate about sustainability and want to avoid a wasteful wedding? The good news is that, yes, you can have a beautiful wedding that is also eco-conscious. Here are five important vendors you need to help you create your epic, earth friendly wedding.

Wedding Planner

Find a planner who shares your passion for sustainability. They can link you up with other wedding vendors who prioritize eco-friendly business practices. This fact alone makes Wedding Planners among the most important vendors you could ever choose.

A mindful planner can steer you away from harmful (but popular!) items and practices such as sparklers, balloon arches, and confetti and show you awesome, earth friendly alternatives. Planners like Hannah from Hummingbird Event Co or Kiira from Evergreen Event Co know how to find floral designers, venues, caterers, bakers and other wedding vendors who will work to create your dream wedding that is also kind to Mother Earth.


To make a big difference in the carbon footprint of your wedding, secure a venue that is committed to sustainability. When researching possibilities look for evidence of their sincere efforts such as certifications. Ask them if they use renewable energy sources as well as energy efficient appliances and light bulbs. Do they provide on-site recycling and composting for food and floral waste? How about earth friendly landscaping practices and on-site furniture and decor rentals? All of these strategies will help to decrease the carbon footprint of your wedding and you can celebrate knowing that your party is as sustainable as possible.

A venue like Kingston House is “committed to reducing our environmental harm and nurturing healthy relationships.” They have a sustainability plan in place (recently installed solar panels on the roof!) and they work with couples to help them make greener decisions for their events. You can look for these kinds of things when you’re researching venues.


Ironically, floral designs can be one of the most environmentally harmful elements of your wedding. Floral foam is a very effective, but also very toxic tool that many florists use to create their designs. Dyeing and spray painting flowers, single use plastic zip ties, and transporting bouquets in plastic wrap are all common practices that are harmful to the earth. Find yourself a floral designer who prioritizes sustainable techniques and tools such as metal frogs, twine and chicken wire to hold things together and one who will create your wedding florals using beautiful blossoms from local flower farmers.

When I create bouquets and centerpieces for events, I buy from the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market which features flower farmers from Washington and Oregon. Fortunately, there are many eco-conscious floral designers like Twisted Bramble and Manette Flower Co here in the PNW who are happy to create something beautiful for your wedding that doesn’t harm the planet in the process.


Caterers and bakers who work in the wedding industry are experts at creating foods that are both delicious and gorgeous. Just make sure the vendors you choose are also experts at things like using organic, locally sourced, fair trade and seasonal ingredients.

When you choose a vendor like James Street Cakes you can rest assured that all of these factors have been taken care of and all the dishes will be delicious.

To really do Mother Earth a favor, consider offering a number of dishes that are vegetarian or vegan. Chances are, even your meat eating guests will ooh and ahh with delight!

Rentals, of course!

By their very nature, rentals are pretty eco-friendly, right? I mean, the whole point is to rent and re-use items so that people don’t buy things they don’t need.
However, there are still things to consider when renting items for your wedding. Are the items produced in a sustainable way or, better yet, thrifted or re-purposed? Are they made of natural materials like glass, china, wood and linen or plastic and polyester? Are they packed in reusable, eco-friendly materials like cotton fabric instead of plastic or polystyrene?
All of these factors make a difference in the sustainability of the rental items which is why I prioritize thrifted items, wrap all of my rentals in repurposed flannel and pack them in reusable boxes, baskets and totes. (Did you know that most of my glassware is stored and transported in repurposed wine boxes?)
I adore the carefree elegance of mix and match vintage china plates, teacups and glassware, not to mention the beauty of old silverware and table linens. Isn’t it lovely to imagine all the celebrations these items have witnessed in their lifetime?

Bonus Tip: Guest Count

Okay, this isn’t a vendor you need but it’s something you can do all on your own! Lowering your guest count is the single most impactful way that you can lessen the environmental impact of your wedding.
Less people means less production and consumption of food and drink, less transportation of people, flowers, food, staff, and rental items. Less of all the things that are bad for the planet. but more of all the things that are good for us as humans like deep connection with our guests, not going into debt for one big party, and feeling deeply satisfied knowing that our beautiful celebration is also one that Mother Earth herself would be happy to attend.

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