3 Top Tips for Your Holiday Parties

You know I’m always here to help you with holiday party rentals (in the Seattle area) but there are lots of things you can do on your own to make your holiday parties extra special. Let’s get away from single use party supplies and create celebrations that are beautiful, inspiring, and sustainable.

Here are three of my favorite holiday party tips.

1. Go outside and bring nature back in with you! Science tells us that just looking at a picture of nature helps to restore our minds and bodies. Getting outside fills us with fresh air and new life.

While you’re out there, forage for a few fresh flowers to bring inside and keep the inspiration going. If you have a yard but not many flowers, look for interesting leaves, branches, and pinecones or even some interesting rocks.
Maybe you could ask a neighbor for permission to snip a few branches from a bush that has colorful berries or some evergreen boughs. Do you have holly or cedar in your yard? You could offer to trade for some of their heather or rosemary.
When you’ve gathered your fresh ingredients, go back inside and arrange them in a jar, vase, or just on your table or mantle as a reminder that life is still blooming and growing even in this cold, dark time of the year.
No yard or garden of your own? You could check around with friends, local nurseries, and farmers markets. If you’re feeling really motivated, you could sign up for a wreath making workshop like this one offered by Twisted Bramble or at a local nursery near you.

2. Light the candles. Lots and lots of candles. And luminaria. And lanterns. And then maybe light a few more candles, just for fun. (A few strings of twinkle lights never hurt either.)

My mom always said “Don’t bother cleaning the house before a party. Just turn the lights down low, light lots and lots of candles, and everyone will be transformed by the gentle glow.”
Your candles can be as formal as heirloom crystal candlesticks or as simple as tea lights in twinkly little quilted jelly jars. Candles indoors can make an ordinary day feel special. Outdoors they lend a magical quality of sparkling light in the darkness.
Candlelight can signify celebration, remembrance, contemplation or be part of a spiritual practice. No matter what your reason for lighting lots of candles, I know that it will soothe your spirit and soften your gaze. It works every single time.
My favorite way to use candles is to celebrate the Winter Solstice with friends and neighbors. It’s so fun to honor the “shortest day of the year” by lighting up the night with lots of candles, luminarias, and lanterns. If the weather cooperates, it’s extra fun to bundle up and head outside when the sun goes down so early.
You could line a path in your yard with candle lanterns or luminaria or have several of your neighbors line their driveways and invite people to go house to house for holiday greetings and simple snacks.
Of course, you can buy luminaria but it’s easy and fun to make your own like I did with small bags from the Dollar Store. Just put some sand or a wooden block in the bottom to weigh it down, drop a battery operated votive inside, and let the night begin to shine.
For extra fun, create a playlist and set out a bluetooth speaker to serenade everyone while they celebrate.

3. Dress up Fancy, yes, even if you’re just staying at home. Now that you have some refreshing decorations from outdoors and some candles to light up your home, it’s time to dress up fancy, just for fun and make some memories around the table.

Brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner, the food can be elaborate or plain. You can order takeout, do a potluck, or create a favorite meal from scratch. The important thing is that dressing up will make it special no matter what and that’s the name of the game!
You can choose a theme or color scheme for everyone’s outfits (I’ve been known to do both!) or just wear something that makes you feel good on the inside because you know that will make you look good on the outside!
If you need help making some of this magic happen, you can always use my holiday party rentals, whether it’s just plate rentals, centerpieces, or even hundreds of luminaria if you want to host a magical Winter Solstice party!
Check out the Holiday Parties page on my website for lots of info and ideas for tableware rentals and more! I have Holiday Bundle in a Box designs ready and waiting or we can create a custom design just for you. I’d love to hear your ideas!
No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays this winter, I hope you find time to gather with the ones you love and make some wonderful memories.

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