4 tips for your Thanksgiving celebration this year!

I’ve got four ways to make your holiday get-together with friends and family feel fresh, low stress, creative, and fun. Read on to find out how your celebration this year can be memorable, beautiful, and sustainable, too. It’s easy, I promise!
First of all, flashback to Thanksgiving circa 1990, one of the very first events I ever hosted. I still have the plaid tablecloth I made that year. I knew I wanted a tablecloth in rich colors with a rustic texture but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, we didn’t have much money and I didn’t (still don’t!) have a sewing machine, so I just bought some fabric and fringed the edges. Voila! A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind tablecloth and I’ve been designing and creating celebrations with easy DIY’s like this ever since!

Tip #1: Shop your home/garden/neighborhood

Chances are good that you already have/can easily find items you could re-purpose for table décor. How about a favorite scarf for a table runner? (I do this All. The. Time.)
Can you collect some leaves and branches from your yard or neighborhood and sprinkle them on top of the table?
Dig out that candle lantern you used last summer, put it in the center of the table, scatter votives among the leaves and you have a beautiful centerpiece for next to nothing!

Other items you could re-purpose for tabletop décor:

– a cutting board, bowl, or tray piled high with fruits and veggies

– jars, pitchers, and wine bottles to use as vases

– house plants, twinkle lights, baskets, and even books stacked up can be utilized for interesting tabletops!

Tip #2: Get comfy with your color palette

Who says you have to stick with traditional fall colors such as gold, orange, and brown? I, for one, don’t really like the color orange so I love seeing all the pretty, pale pumpkins in pastel shades of cream and peachy pink at my local nursery. They blend perfectly with my pink Depression glass goblets and mercury glass votives for a cozy, romantic feeling. Maybe you prefer a soft sage green or a calm clear blue?
My sister has a hydrangea in her yard that recently turned the most stunning shades of plum, burgundy, and dusky blue. Ever since I saw it in her garden, I have not been able to get it out of my head! I finally asked her if I could have a few stems of it because I want to design a whole table with those as my inspiration.
My point is this: Use whatever colors make you happy!

TIP #3: Suit yourself

There is no need to buy trendy, expensive table linens or décor.
Your table design IS very important but only because it sets the stage for your celebration and will create the mood you want from the moment your guests arrive.
So, how do you want people to feel when they gather around your table? Relaxed? Energized? Comforted? Inspired?
Not sure about the style you want?
Let’s play a little game of “This or That?”

Elegant or Casual?

Rustic or Contemporary?

Sophisticated or Playful?

Bold or Neutral?

Inspired by nature or sleek and modern?

Guess what? You can even combine these if that’s what you want! Casual elegance is my personal favorite because it makes everyone feel special but it’s not stuffy or pretentious.
Just imagine what you want your table to look like and DO THAT!
After all, it’s your Thanksgiving so feel free to make it yours! Who knows! Maybe you’ll start a new tradition for your holiday celebration!

TIP #4: To make life easier, use my party rentals!

If the idea of hosting Thanksgiving and having to put all this together just feels like too much, then rent a Holiday Bundle in a Box!
I’m “that friend” (aka Your Holiday Party Fairy Godmother!) who has all kinds of vintage dishes, glassware, silverware, table linens, candles and other décor for beautiful tables. You can rent what you need and I’ll deliver it, set it up if you want, come back for it, and then take it home and wash it all for you. That’s right! You’re hosting Thanksgiving, for heaven’s sake! You shouldn’t have to wash all the dishes too!
Your Holiday Bundle in a Box is $275.00 for 8 people and more can be added for just $25.00 per person. Sign up for my email newsletter and get an extra special bonus too!

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